Featured Webstore: Ark Nerds

This week we are thrilled to introduce readers to one of our ARK webstores, Ark Nerds. A server that aims to bring a friendly and fair PvP experience to players.


This blog post is part of our new and weekly series on our webstores. We think this is a great way for our readers to learn a little more about some of the servers that we support, or maybe even help you decide if you want to monetize your own server. Last week we took a look at AusVeda, which you can check out here.

About ARK.

ARK was released in 2017 to an eagerly awaiting fanbase, who were keen to explore the opportunities awaiting in the ground shaking prehistoric world of ARK. What wonders await in that cave? What dinosaurs are hiding in that forest? What is eating it's way through my beach shack door?! Developed by Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement LLC, and Published by Studio Wildcard. ARK has gone from strength to strength with multiple maps being released, and a huge playerbase (198,000+ reviews on Steam as of writing) that also uploads tons of ARK content to YouTube. Did you know that the success of ARK helped spawn one of our other supported games, ATLAS? There doesn't seem a better time to get invested in ARK, so let's take a look at one of our amazing server owners.

About Ark Nerds.

Ark Nerds was created to bring a new experience for survivors with community and dedication being our main goals. A friendly and fair PvP environment which includes a fully funded cluster of servers for you to enjoy. Feel free to reach out to us on any of our platforms with any questions or request, we are always open to suggestions.

If you'd like to check out some of ArkNerds sites and social media, click below:

Ark Nerds Website
Ark Nerds Webstore
Ark Nerds Discord

There's a little background on ArkNerds. I personally really love the blue icon of the dino wearing a baseball cap, my compliments to whoever designed that! Now, lets talk to the owner of ArkNerds and see what it's like to run a server network.

My name is Fox. I have been gaming online for the past 18 years. I have played mostly Battlefield up until 3 years ago when I started playing Ark Survival Evolved.

Lovely to meet you Fox! Battlefield is a long established and popular franchise, I can see why you would enjoy playing it, and Battlefield 5 has just been released, exciting times ahead for the franchise. The lure of the dinosaur was just too strong, I understand. OK, so tell us what made you decide to run a server?

I decided to start my own community with the help of many friends after experiencing distrust and uncertainty with other Ark Survival communities.

When you're going to start a server network, it definitely helps to have people around to help you start that journey. It can help with the initial burden of getting everything set up, it's great that you had that help along the way to becoming a successful server network and webstore.


I imagine that you have learned a lot along the way to becoming the network that you are now. If someone was going to start their own journey into running a server now, would you have any advice for them?

Listen to your community, answer as many questions and help as many players as you can. If you want players to stick around and continue to be apart of the community you need to make sure they are appreciated and treated fairly. Running a game server is like running a business, provide great customer service and you will be successful.

Indeed. A skill that sometimes can be very underappreciated and undervalued is listening. Listen to your customers, listen to your playerbase, listen to reports of abuse, reports of glitches or bugs, listen to feedback, good and bad, and learn from it. This is one of the key things server owners, and of course we are Tebex so webstore owners as well, can do to really make a server successful.


Running a server can involve some hard work, but of course we know that it can also be very rewarding too. So, do you find it particularly rewarding running your network? At the time of writing, it looks like you are running a network of 7 servers, that's awesome.

I do find running a successful gaming community very rewarding. I enjoy being able to provide a dedicated and trustworthy community where players can spend their time making friends and enjoying the game.

Trust is a huge bonus. Is my neighbour going to steal my dino?! Who keeps hacking at my perimeter fences? (Oh, it doesn't matter, they got killed already). With ARK, it can sometimes be a case of constantly looking over your shoulder, and being afraid to leave your base. So I took a look at your Discord and I can definitely see that you do stand by fair play and it looks like a fun place to spend your free time!


Some servers are designed for PvP or PvE only, or experienced players, or adults only, or child friendly etc. So can you tell our readers, who your server is aimed at? And, can you let us know what languages are allowed on your server?

Our community is geared towards mature players. However we have players of all ages and all skill levels. As long as a player can be respectful and follow our community guidelines they are always welcomed and will always have a place to call home. Experienced players on Ark Nerds are always willing to offer a hand to newer players in our community.

We are an English speaking community with a diverse player base.

That sounds awesome. It sounds like everyone is welcome and it sure does seem like your players are having fun and they are supportive of each other.

For any of our readers who might be thinking about trying out your server, here's your chance to convince them to log in. Why is your server one of the best? Go, Fox!

I wouldn't say our servers are the best but we have a lot to offer. Our community is fully funded with dedicated support and administration. Our friendly and dedicated community definitely gives us a solid edge over other servers. If you enjoy playing Ark Survival Evolved you will enjoy our servers. Our servers are setup for both the daily players and the weekend warriors. It is easy to be successful on our cluster of servers.

Awesome! I know where I'm logging on this weekend. OK, so we are about done. I bet you've got some stories from running your server, or maybe some cool memories from making your players happy etc. Care to share?

Our Tebex webstore has provided us with the opportunity to fund different events and giveaways in our community. I enjoy being able to giveaway computer hardware, accessories and steam gift cards to players that may not be able to obtain them on their own. Our giveaways and events are open to all players in the community.

For those that don't know, Tebex gives server owners a platform to monetize the server, you can check out more here. This can help pay for the costs of running a server, or any number of things. For Fox and his team, this means some players have been able to recieve items in exclusive giveaways for his players. Funded by the Ark Nerds Tebex webstore, I wonder how many players have recieved a prize they otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford? I bet you've made some people happy! Well done, you.


Tebex would like to thank Fox from Ark Nerds for talking to us, and taking the time to let us know a little bit more about his server network. We wish you the best with your server network, and thank you for being one of our merchants.

If you would like to begin running your own webstore, you can check out our pricing here. We recommend new and small servers begin with the free Starter plan. If you already run a webstore, and you'd like to discuss having your webstore featured on the blog, please contact Tebex support here, we would love to hear from you.