Feature Spotlight: Package Gifting and Referral links

Today we have two features which we are hoping will have a big impact on everyone based on the feedback we have been getting about them.

Package gifting

Since the beginning of Buycraft players have been buying packages for each other but now we support a gifting option for all of our webstores. When enabled it will allow players to log into your store using their own username and choose packages as normal. Then on the checkout page, they will be able to choose if a package is a gift and enter the username of the player they would like to give the package.

Coupling this with the recent username verification feature you can stop players from purchasing items maliciously for other players.

This feature will require a template change for anyone currently using their own custom template. You just need to add the following before the end of the "basket.packages" loop in "checkout.html".

{% if not package.disable_gifting %} {% include "gifting.html" %} {% endif %}


You can find the setup guide via this link with more details.

You can now track the sources of traffic to your webstore and the efficiency of each source. You can use this feature to measure the best sources of traffic for your webstore not just from advertisements and influencers but between links from your forums or main website.


You can create a selection of your own links like "http://example.buycraft.net/example" which will then track the click through and purchase rates which can be viewed per link and in an overview in its own statistics page.

You can find out about the setup process in our set up guide.


If you have any feedback on any of these features or any suggestions for what you would like to see next you can always get hold of us on Twitter or by emailing us.