Feature Spotlight: Gift Cards

We are delighted to announce the release of a new feature for our Enterprise customers - gift cards.

An often-requested feature, this allows you to sell or give away stored-value gift cards on your store which can then be used to pay for future purchases.

How it works

  • Store owners can generate gift cards to give away in their control panel or can create a package which automatically produces and sends a gift card.
  • Webstore users can then enter their 12 digit gift card number on the basket page of your store (in the same way that they would enter a discount code).
  • If the value on the gift card is more than the basket total they will be able to checkout for free and any remaining balance can be used for future purchases
  • If the value on the gift card is less than the basket total then the remaining balance can be paid by any of your regular gateway methods.

Please Note: For certain gateways (Stripe most commonly), we do not receive the customer email address from the gateway. In order to ensure we can deliver the gift card email, we recommend you enable 'require billing details' for your store so that we have an email address to send the gift card to.

Making the most of gift cards

Gift cards are a versatile retail tool. Often we just think about them as a birthday or Christmas gift but they have many more purposes:

  • Competition prizes
  • A gesture of goodwill in case of downtime etc - ensures the customer will come back to your server to use the gift card
  • A way to get parents of younger gamers on side - rather than kids using their parents credit card, they can have a stored-value card.
  • An alternative to traditional discounts - you could sell a standard package, and bundle in a gift card that can be used at a later date - promotes repeat purchases.

Join the party

Our new gift card feature is only available to our Enterprise customers - if you are interested in becoming an Enterprise customer, please contact us. However, we want all our customers to make their stores bigger and better, so we've planed a number of big features for all our customers over the next few weeks so watch this space!