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5 Marketing Strategies for Increasing Customer Interest in Your Store: A Tebex Store Owner's Guide

Marketing plays a vital role in the success of your Tebex store. In part 2 we learned about effective strategies to boost your store's awareness.  Creating

by Pedro Esparza Posted on 24 January 2023

Marketing plays a vital role in the success of your Tebex store. In part 2 we learned about effective strategies to boost your store's awareness.  Creating interest helps attract and retain customers, and ultimately drives sales. Today, in part 3 of our Customer Funnel Series,  we'll explore some effective strategies for increasing customer “Interest” in your Tebex store:

Categories:  There are so many different types of categories to organize your products, so feel free to look around and compare how others in your space/industry are setting their stores.  Make sure to be clear, as vague names will lead to confusion, less clicks and less purchases.

Product Images:  Showing your client a representation of the product they’re going to receive will create a bigger sense of want, leading to higher sales of that particular product.  Working with a designer to create a suite of product pictures and cohesive imagery will make your store look more enticing and engaging, which is fancy talk for more sales and revenue.

Product Description:  Delivering on what you promise is vital to the success of your sales, repeat purchases and customer loyalty.  Be descriptive on your products by including exactly what they get.  This way, clients will be happy to receive exactly what they pay for.  This is the core mechanic of Tebex, you pay for something, and you get something.  An exchange of services and not digital products goes against out AUP.  Be sure to check it out as well as our TOS to get a clear definition of what you're allowed to sell via our platform.

Pricing:  Researching industry pricing for certain types of digital products takes time, but it's also necessary and worth it in the long run.  Knowing the average transaction size (aka as Average Cart Size/Transaction) is important.  It helps you understand how deep your customers pockets actually are, and allows you to capture the most profitable return on your product.  Your Tebex Store Dashboard easily provides you with all the metrics needed to make the right decisions.

Example Metrics in Your Tebex Store Dashboard

Discounts and Sales: Rewarding your existing clients with discounts and creating a sales campaign across the year allows you to capitalize on those events that center around their everyday life.  For example: a halloween sale, or holiday sale in December, and 2-3 month long Summer Sale, are a few examples of how you can also capitalize on major events across the year.  You can include those discounts with special promo codes, which can be easily set up.

By implementing these 5 marketing strategies, you can successfully increase customer interest in your store and drive more sales. Remember to consistently track and analyze your results to see what's working and what may need to be adjusted. Our powerful analytics tool provides you with the data and insight you need to make the right decisions.  With a little effort and planning, you can effectively market your store and keep customers coming back for more.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance.  Our Support Team and Creator Success Team are happy to help!

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