Introducing support for Unturned

We've made no secret of our plans to support new games through the Buycraft platform. Earlier this year we released a large architectual change to allow us to support different username systems and game types with the promise of game support to follow soon.

We're delighted to announce that time has arrived. We are excited to be kicking off with support for Unturned the free to play zombie survival game with a massive audience on Steam.

We are already planning to follow-up with other games, but we'd love to know which games you'd like to see support for - find out more below.

All our new games will use the same Buycraft platform that you already use, but for non-Minecraft games you may notice that we use the 'Tebex' brand rather than 'Buycraft'.

To find out more about our Unturned support, check out the Unturned landing page

How it works

We've started off with Unturned as it has a very similar structure to Minecraft from the server side with installable plug-ins and a command-based console that ties in nicely with our existing system. As such, setting up is very simliar to what our existing merchants are used to - download and install the plugin, create packages with commands on your webstore and these commands will get executed after a purchase has been made.

Future games may use an event-based system if they don't have a console and commands in the same way but that will be considered on a game-by-game basis.


As this game is supported on Steam we have used Steam OpenID for username verification. Once a player starts to browse a webstore, they will be directed to login via Steam and then they will be able to view packages in your store.

Once a player has made a purchase, the commands you have set up for that package will execute on the server via your plugin automatically.


Our Unturned plugin is built on the RocketMod framework, a free modular modding framework for Unity3D game servers. You can find the set up guide for our plugin here: Set up guide

As with most of our plugins the code is open source, so you are free to fork it and make changes or improvements. If you do improve the plugin, then please help the rest of the Unturned community by submitting a PR.

Find out more about the platform and get started with your Unturned webstore here.

What's Next?

This is the first of many new games that we're planning on adding but we're always interested in hearing your feedback.

We are looking at a wide range of games and we'd like to know which games you, our Merchants, feel we should be supporting first. This will help us prioritise our development efforts to focus on games that our merchants are going to get the most benefit from.

To let us know which games you'd like to see, please complete our survey. There is only one required question (and a couple of optional ones), but it'd really help us decide which games to focus on next.