The updates to your statistics

Yesterday we released a few updates to our statistics section, most of them little bug fixes, but we also released a much requested Overview section.

You’ll be able to see the awesome updates as the first thing when you open the statistics page. The all-time, year, month and daily statistics are back alongside the top packages and players of all time.


With the statistics update, we’ve included things which will be useful for you to improve how you monetise your server. We've added the most popular times of day and where your players are purchasing from. You can find these in the Payments statistics along with your revenue for the month.


There’s also more in-depth statistics on packages, categories and server so that you can view how each of these are doing each month, and for Enterprise customers in the Webstore statistics, you can view visitors and their behaviour on your store.


Because we’ve had to make some changes to the way the statistics work overall, we’ve not been able to include the older payment data in these statistics though you will be able to use them from July 2016 onwards. If you need to get hold of your older data you can still view it all using the Monthly reports tab.

The new statistics do not include manual payments as these are analytics on the revenue generated via your store, though you can still view your manual payment in the Payments export.

We hope you like the updates and if you have any other suggestions for things you would find useful to know, drop us an email or Tweet!