New changes introduced to the Free Plan

Over the last few months we've been gathering feedback from our customers (you know who you are) to better understand what they want out of Buycraft. We've been busy creating plans for upcoming features and this is the first major change of many to come!

We've been aware for some time now that the Free Plan has had too many restrictions on smaller servers and has made it difficult for servers which are just starting off to fund their community. I'm glad to announce today that we've replaced the old restrictive Free Plan with the new Starter Plan (and it's still free!).

The Starter Plan has no limitations on the amount of Packages, Categories, Servers & Payment Gateways which you can create. Yep, that's right - unlimited creation of these features for no monthly cost.

We've made this change to help smaller servers have a better chance at growing their community and creating a more fulfilling webstore for their players. This goes alongside our plans to release useful material to Buycraft users to help them expand their communities and improving their monthly revenue.

We've made sure to rearrange the plans around all of our existing customer needs and we feel that the new structure will allow servers to grow and gradually move up to a higher plan as their communities expand.

To ensure that customers are using the correct plan for their server, we have introduced a £250 monthly transaction limit on the new Starter Plan. We'll keep you updated via email when you start to get close to the limit. The new limit will only affect a handful of customers who are using the old Free Plan - if you are affected by the limit you will benefit from the additional features that the higher plans have to offer.

We hope that you enjoy the new changes and we're always open to listen to any feedback that you may have. Drop us an email to or tweet us @Buycraft.