The New Control Panel - It's finally here!

Since the beginning of the year we've been working on a new control panel, and we're finally happy to announce the public beta.

Our aim with this has been to create a better experience for our store owners. We started from the ground up using a new framework, recreating all of our current features and making improvements along the way. We've also made sure that the codebase is scalable, this will mean faster release times in the future for more advanced features which we haven't previously been able to achieve.

The new flat design is no longer using the boring white colours of the old control panel and has brought in the Buycraft blue. The new layout with the navigation on the left and features grouped into sections results in all your settings being no more than 2 clicks away.

We've renamed Sub accounts to "Team Accounts" and have made some changes to the available permissions. If you use Team accounts you will need to ensure that your staff members have the new permissions required for them to access the features of the new control panel.

Other areas where we've made improvements include manual payment creation (which now includes variable selection); a new dashboard design with a statistic overview; and, a new security log for your profile which keeps track of actions such as failed logins/changing your details.

There are still a few things left for us to create on the beta, including command resending and our new statistics page. The statistics page will offer insights into your store and help refine the way you monetise your server. We've decided to exclude the new statistics from the first release of the beta to ensure it's as feature rich as possible.

All features of the control panel will soon be available in a RESTful API, resulting in the future possibility of official iOS & Android apps to manage your webstore on the go. We're looking forward to how third party developers also make use of the API, and we hope to have the first release available in a few weeks time.

You can access the beta of the panel via Please be aware that this is an initial public release, and some bugs may exist.

We hope you enjoy using it, and if you come across any problems just email us at Happy bug hunting!