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Tebex and Nitrado Announce Game Server Hosting Partnership

Tebex, a game monetization engine for game studios and game servers from Overwolf, announces a partnership to elevate products and services for new and existing customers of game

by Pedro Esparza Posted on 12 October 2023

Tebex, a game monetization engine for game studios and game servers from Overwolf, announces a partnership to elevate products and services for new and existing customers of game server hosting providers, Nitrado, Apex Minecraft Hosting, and MCProHosting.

Nitrado is a world leader in Game Server Hosting. They have over 100+ games available to rent on your Multiplayer Servers with a 4+ Million Customer Base.

Apex Minecraft Hosting is the market leader for Minecraft server hosting in the English-speaking world, with rented capacities in 18 data centers.

MCProHosting is one of the best-known brands for Minecraft hosting in the English and German-speaking world and has outstanding capabilities in sales as well as product development.

Nitrado, Apex Minecraft Hosting, and MCProHosting, all premier game hosting providers, will provide a one-click integration for their customers in their server management control panel to easily sign up or connect their Tebex webstore, allowing them to monetize their game servers in only a few clicks.

"I'm excited to see the partnership between Tebex and Nitrado, Apex, and MCProHosting launch to their thousands of customers. At Tebex, our mission is to ensure creators earn a sustainable income from the hard work they put into their creations, and I'm confident the Tebex platform will enable them to do just that while helping them grow in the process." - Lee McNeil, Director, Tebex

"I'm thrilled to launch our Nitrado-Tebex collaboration! This is a great initiative to empower content creators' and server owners' earnings and level up gaming fun. At Nitrado we are all about enhancing friend and community interactions in your favorite games. Tebex integration means big strides in these goals, giving creators room to grow." - Adler Ribeiro, VP of Marketing, Nitradocreators

The collaboration is officially live now, and any Nitrado, Apex Hosting, or MCProHosting user is able to simply connect their server to a Tebex store via the one-click installation button in the “Monetize Your Server” tab.

You can learn more about monetizing your game server at and how to easily set up a game server in seconds over at, Apex, or MCProHosting!

About Tebex

Tebex is a game monetization engine providing a one-stop webstore for gaming communities and studios. Tebex enables game servers, modders, publishers, and studios to simplify managing the payment process. Some of the added benefits of Tebex include global payment acceptance, 3-day payouts, fraud, chargeback protection, sales tax and compliance, and more.

About Nitrado, Apex Minecraft Hosting, and MCProHosting

Nitrado and its subsidiary companies Apex Hosting and MCProHosting (both based in the US) specialize in renting private servers, allowing players to customize their gaming experience. Nitrado is a market leader in this area, with a 4+ million customer base. Additionally, we provide multiplayer server infrastructure for well-known games such as Ark: Survival Evolved, Minecraft, Farming Simulator, and DayZ. Our partners not only receive servers from us, but we also offer them Nitrado SteelShield® protection against DDOS attacks and the ability to monitor their multiplayer server performance through the Nitrado Enterprise Console®. Our engineers have expertise in the software side of multiplayer implementation and have been instrumental in developing our partner's new multiplayer games.

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