Powerful new grouping for Statscraft and more...

We have been putting your feedback to good use on Statscraft and have been working on some of the top suggestions from the community which have gone live this month.

Server groups

Groups are a new addition to Statscraft which allow you to see the data from multiple servers or BungeeCords in one dashboard.

We have designed this to allow you to analyse data from specific game types with multiple instances or even multiple BungeeCord instances if you would like to see all of your data to identify more general trends on your server. You can also link a Buycraft secret key to your group to allow you to link your Buycraft's server data with that group's data.

Grouped servers

Each group will count towards your tracking data though so make sure that you have the right plan to support all the extra insights you will be getting!

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Omitted UUIDs Statistic

Averages on your dashboard can often be upset by a few outliers and this is something we've seen with our average time played and top players that are affected by your staff who might be logged into the server for the whole day.

You can now omit your staff from these statistics to make sure that your data is only representing your actual players and you can toggle between these views easily in your control panel.

You can find our guide on setting this up here.

Custom events

You can now track any custom event that you can think of with our new custom events feature. This allows you the ultimate flexibility in what you can track on your server, from mini game joins, player kills, block breaks or players typing messages in game.

The way that this works is by passing information to the Statsrcaft API, see below, using your own custom plugin. We have put together a guide for you to help you set this up including an example plugin that tracks block breaking events on your server.

Check it out here

Statscraft API

We now have an API for Statscraft which you can use to retrieve any data stored on your servers so that you can use the data for building your own website widgets or in your own analysis.

For all the information on how to use this API you can check out our documentation here.

More ideas..

If you haven't already checked out Statscraft as an addition to your server tools you can always sign up here and check it out. If you think of anything that would help you with all your analytic needs then just let us know, we welcome any suggestions!