Process Purchases Your Way: Introducing Server Types

Up until now, there has only really been one way of handling purchases from Buycraft - attach commands to that package, and have the plugin pull and execute them. While this has worked very well for the past 7 years, we're aware this can be restrictive in certain situations. For these reasons (and other reasons to be announced soon), we're excited to be introducing new server types to Buycraft.

Server types allow you to define what sort of server we are connecting to - allowing you to perform different actions that work best for your packages. To start off, we have created three server types:

  • Game Servers - these are servers that run one of our official plugins to process in-game commands
  • RCON Servers - these are servers that are running RCON, and expect commands to be sent using the RCON protocol
  • mySQL Servers - these are servers running the mySQL Database engine, and expect SQL statements to be executed instead of more traditional server commands


We're really excited about the potential of supporting different server types - some of the ideas we've had include:

  • Running SQL statements to give a rank indicator to players on your forum
  • Using RCON to send commands to games where we don't have a more traditional plugin
  • Running SQL statements to update the database for your economy plugin without having to pass an in-game command through a number of different plugins to do so.

No doubt our fantastic community of merchants will come up with bigger and better ideas of how to use it in the coming weeks and months!

Another advantage of these commands is that they are instant. As they do not rely on a plugin picking the commands up, we can try to send them as soon as the purchase has been processed. The exact timing still depends on how quickly the payment processor notifies us of the payment, but in most cases this may come down to seconds rather than the minutes that we talk about currently. This pusher architecture is something we're looking to expand upon in the coming weeks and months to include support for pushing commands to our plugins, so watch this space.

This feature is currently in beta, however we are so excited about it we couldn't wait any longer to share it. To find out more about how this works and how to set up servers with different types, click here.

We are always looking for new ways to innovate within the server monitization space - from new revenue streams to supporting different games and now providing you flexibility to handle purchases the way you want, but we need your help. If you have an idea on a way we could revolutionise the industry again, please let us know.