Our survey's results and what we've done about them

We’d like to thank everyone who helped us out with your feedback in our survey last month. Over 1,500 of you responded and gave us feedback which has been invaluable to us.

Going forward we’ve already implemented some of the changes that you asked for including trialling live chat as a support channel in the control panel. The live chat is available 9am-5pm GMT, Monday to Friday.

At the end of November, we also released a chargeback whitelisting feature. This allows you to whitelist a player who has been banned as a result of our chargeback protection, a highly requested feature.

Some players can have chargebacks linked to their account which they were not responsible for, e.g. they may have had packages purchased for them. So this whitelisting feature is really useful for maximising the number of players who can buy from your webstore.

When assessing if a player is more likely to chargeback you can use the user lookup feature. After searching a username or UUID you will find the player's number of bans and overall chargeback percentage. You will also be able to see the player's purchase history from your store. Armed with this knowledge you can make a decision about a player's request to buy on your store.

We have also announced our winners of the £100 prize draws, so congratulations to LegitLand, McOxyDrug, NecurousFactions, RoyalNetwork and Crafted Nightmares. We will be continuing to use this feedback going forward and would like to thank you all again for taking part and keep an eye on your emails for any other surveys from us!