New Features and Statscraft for Fraud Prevention

We're nearing the end of our first week of running the Statscraft platform, and what a week it's been! We've had so much great feedback from our customers and we're delighted that so many of you share our view that the Statscraft platform is one that has great potential for giving you vital information in running your server - we hope that bringing our knowledge and experience to the platform will push it in the right direction.

We've already received some great suggestions and requests from Statscraft customers, and we've been working hard all week to start implementing them. So far we have released two big changes, dashboard performance updates and a BungeeCord plugin.

BungeeCord Plugin

We've built and released a BungeeCord plugin for Statscraft so that you can track statistics across your whole network! The BungeeCord plugin will track user sessions across multiple servers behind your proxy, giving you an 'overall' view of your network performance.

Because the BungeeCord plugin requires Statscraft to receive and process data from multiple servers, it's only available on plans that support multiple servers (Community and Established). If you are on the Sapling plan and would like to take advantage of our BungeeCord plugin, you can check out our plans and pricing page.

Performance Updates

When we took on Statscraft we were aware that the dashboard performance had historically been one of the weaker points of the platform, so we've invested a lot of time this week into improving this. One of our senior developers has been working all week to improve query performance and dashboard speed, and we've seen some major gains. There are still more things we are planning to improve, but dashboards that might have taken 15-20 seconds in the past will now load in a fraction of the time.

See For Yourself

We're really proud of the improvements we are making to the Statscraft platform and excited about how we can innovate further in future. If you are an old customer who stopped using Statscraft because of the performance issues or a community owner who needs more visibility about exactly what 'works' about your server, we'd love for you to come and check out the new and improved Statscraft! With a free starter plan and plans for larger communities starting at just £4.99 a month, we hope everyone can improve their server analytics with Statscraft.

Buycraft Fraud Prevention With Statscraft

Within the next week or so, there will be a brand new feature that ties together Buycraft and Statscraft that we are very excited about - using your Statscraft data to combat fraud on Buycraft. Buycraft store owners who have a Statscraft account linked to their server will be able to verify if a player has logged into their server, check how long ago it was, and check what the IP was. All these options will be configurable, but we're excited about the positive impact it could have on fraud prevention. So that you can get started straight away once this feature is released (hopefully in the next week) we recommend you setup Statscraft now so that you have some player data available to use as soon as the feature is launched.

Onwards and Upwards

We have even more improvements and updates planned for the coming weeks and months, but we always need your input. If you've used Statscraft before, or you are a customer now, tell us what would make the platform better for you - what data you'd like to see and how you'd like to see it, so we can make Statscraft the go-to analytics platform for Minecraft. Get in touch here!