Introducing our new Discord Bot

We've rebuilt our Discord Bot to be better than ever.

Tebex are happy to announce that the new and improved Discord Bot is now available for you to add to your Discord Servers - allowing you to once again monetise roles and other aspects of your server.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience that was caused by the slow and tragic demise of the old bot, and the development time of the replacement - we wanted to make sure that the second time around was better than the first.

The new bot works on a redemption system which means when a player buys a package on your store, the player has to redeem their perks by using a command on Discord. Because of this change, the Discord bot is faster and more scalable than previously. As soon as your player types !tebex:claim into your Discord Server they will receive their perks. We include instructions during the checkout process, however we also advise including these instructions in your package descriptions.

Players no longer have to type their Discord Tag during the checkout process as there is now a "Login With Discord" option. This should resolve the issues of players accidentally typing in the wrong username. Please note, template changes may be required if you are using a custom template, and these are available in the Discord Bot help guide.

Please let us know if you have any feedback on the new Discord Bot - we're excited to see customers using our integration once again. To get started we advise having a read over the help guide.