Affected by the closure of SDonate?

Tebex is passionate about seeing the game server community succeed and thrive, no matter what platform server owners use. We've been sorry to hear about the recent problems experienced with SDonate, and in particular that there hasn't been much direct communication regarding the problems experienced.

Tebex want to try to help those that have been impacted by this as best we can, so we are announcing two items:

1/ We are working on importers for SDonate, so anyone with access to a backup of their payments will be able to import these into a Tebex store, keeping their payment data - we hope to release a beta of this importer later today.

2/ Tebex will also provide 30 days of free Ultimate to any SDonate user who has been affected by this. Simply contact support with your Tebex store URL, your SDonate store URL and a copy of your payment receipt for SDonate and we will give you 30 days of Ultimate for free.

Again, we're sorry to anyone in the community affected by this, and we hope we can help you get back up and running soon!