It's Black Friday tomorrow!

It's Black Friday tomorrow and it's one of the biggest sales events of the year. In 2015 Black Friday generated $4.45 billion across industries and over half of this was in e-commerce sales. Over the past 5 years there has been an average 20% increase in that revenue each year.

The Minecraft server community is no different. In 2014, Black Friday generated 360% more revenue on Buycraft than on a normal Friday from that year, then that figure rose to 380% increase for 2015.

If you haven't already thought about making the most of the event here are some tips to get you started.

Putting on a sale is a good way of boosting the number of purchases over events and holiday periods. On average, a sale increases the amount of purchases on the store by 150%. The aim is to discount enough to increase the number of sales but not enough to bring in less revenue. This can be a balancing act and you also need to think about timing!

Combinations of sales can also increase purchases. For example running a 30% sale over the course of an event then setting higher flash sales on top of that.

The timing of a sale can really affect its success. So setting a sale just before peak times for your server can help bring players to the server as well on your store. The image below is dummy data but you can find your peak times for purchasing by using the "Popular Times Of Day" in Payments statistics.


You need to make sure to advertise your sale on your store in your forums and in-game. A recurring message in-game is a great way of making your players aware.

For added promotion, you can give away coupons for that extra boost. Coupons are a great way of giving players an incentive for voting or signing up to your forums. They are also good for discounting a specific package from your store.

After trying out your sale you can check how it is going using the “Payments” section of the statistics. You should see an increase in purchases when the sale becomes active. For more in-depth details you can check out individual Packages and Categories.

We hope you have found this useful for your store and that you have a great Black Friday weekend!