How to suggest EULA compliant features

Mojang’s enforcement of their EULA is now coming into play and we have been reading the responses from the Minecraft server community.

We want to show you that the EULA enforcement is not the end of Minecraft servers, though we will have to start changing the way that servers are accepting payments. We have seen that it is possible to support your communities whilst complying though you should always be working on ways to improve your monetisation model.

We have recently released a post on how to comply with the Minecraft EULA, which covers some of the basics in terms of what you can sell to your players. We would however like to hear your own thoughts on new EULA compatible features.

Over the last 6 months we have been working on a new control panel, once that is released we will be able to start putting together some of the best suggestions from you and implement some of our own idea’s as well.

You can make EULA compatible feature suggestions here:

We’re also going to be releasing more information on how to run a successful store and different techniques we’ve seen work so that we can start to build a stronger server community.