Feedback on the new control panel

If you have been around for the past month or so you will have seen the changes to our new control panel which we have now completely phased in.

Earlier in the year, we were looking at what we wanted to do going forward with Buycraft and realised that we needed to start from scratch. Throughout the year we have been doubling down to recreate the control panel to allow us a little more flexibility in the future.

During the changeover from the old panel to the new panel, we have constantly been referring to your feedback. This has been a really important conversation for us and has given us a lot of different insights into the way that Buycraft is used for different servers.

We’re proud of our service and want to make sure that we’re providing the best tools for supporting your community.

We've already compiled a list of some of the top requested things so far but if you have any feedback for us, at any point, please let us know via our support email!