Featured Webstore: Rusty Wasteland


This week we're delighted to be talking to Rusty Wasteland, a popular PVE Rust server that is friendly and welcoming to all players.

This blog post is part of our new and weekly series on our webstores. We think this is a great way for our readers to learn a little more about some of the servers that we support, or maybe even help you decide if you want to monetize your own server. Last week we took a look at Edan's Community, a CS:GO network, you can check it out here.

About RUST.

RUST was released in 2013 and became an almost instant hit with players due to the brutal and often unforgiving gameplay. Developed and published by Facepunch Studios, the wonderfully harsh world of RUST will be coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 in 2020. Whilst the RUST universe continues to welcome new players to it's ranks with frequent numbers above 40,000 online according to Steam Charts, now is a great time to check out one of our popular RUST webstores and servers.

About Rusty Wasteland.

The journey started back in August 2017 when we decided to open a server just for fun to play around with one simple goal: To create a friendly community and a strong connection between players and staff members.

These days, Rusty Wasteland has a large helpful playerbase supervised by our kind staff team and owners who are always there for you.

Each of our servers can offer you some unique experiences and also custom developed plugins and prefab monuments which you will never find on any other server! Originality is our name! Stay seated, connect to one of our servers and come to experience the crazy ride with us!

Rusty Wasteland Website
Rusty Wasteland Discord
Rusty Wasteland Steam Group
Rusty Wasteland Webstore

Players, Staff and ominous weapon weilding bunny people of Rusty Wasteland.

Rusty Wasteland EU sounds like a welcoming place so far, and it's cool that you guys posed for us. I can see some interesting outfits in that line up... Now that we've looked at a bit of the history of the network, let's meet the server owner.

Hello! I'm Carol, the owner of Rusty Wasteland PVE servers. I'm a 27 years young lady, married to my other half who is also a big help behind the scenes of our servers. Together, we live in a little village in the south of the Netherlands together with our two dogs and a cat. Besides the gaming I'm a big art lover and crafter.

Hi Carol, it's lovely to get to know you, I'm sure our readers will enjoy getting to know a little bit more about you. Two dogs and a cat, chaos! So, let's begin. We're interested in what made you decide to open a server?

"Let's make a server," he said... "it will be fun!" he said! It actually came from nowhere. We played on a few different servers but found that each of them was missing something that another one had. We wanted to create a server that had everything we liked but at the same time a piece of us. Our goal was to create a friendly helpful community which would be different from the usual Rust servers.

I'm sure many people can relate to that. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a server to play on that fits to you. Sometimes it can just be easier to create your own instead of searching and searching. So, for anyone out there that might be thinking of doing just that, what advice would you give someone just starting out with running a game server?

Get a good therapist! Hahaha, just joking! The goal is to listen to your players, patience, communication and to never give up. Running a server is time consuming and you might need to sacrifice a bit more than you expect at some point to achieve success.

That is excellent advice. You have to put in some time and work to run a successful server, it doesn't happen in one day!

A medieval siege on Rusty Wasteland.

Someone has definitely put some effort in that siege (above). Even though you have to dedicate some time and effort to running your server, do you find it rewarding?

I definitely do find it rewarding. I've met many interesting people and some of them also became my new friends. At the same time I've learned a lot and got tons of experiences which I won't find so easily elsewhere and I can use this further in my personal and professional life.
I really enjoy being around our players and just having fun with them - it is always rewarding to hear kind words back to remind you that your hard work actually matters and is appreciated.

Sometimes a simple appreciation of thanks will make all of the hardwork worthwhile, this is the same for many things in life.

The Scarecrow Massacre of Rusty Wasteland.

But, tell us who your server is for? (Mature player/child friendly/roleplay server etc.) It looks like it may not be scarecrow friendly though...

Our goal always was to provide a safe environment for everyone. We wanted to stand from the croud with an inclusive, friendly environment. We will welcome you in a friendly community full of helpful players and staff. No matter if you are a starting player learning how the game works or a veteran who just came to relax from constantly looking over your shoulder and protecting your loot.
Our server is the place for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation. We are all equal with the same rules :)

That sounds very friendly and welcoming so far and it's definitely great to see that you guys are trying to make it a safe environment with everyone welcome, but what language is your server?

Our language is English to be sure that as many players as possible understand to each other. If you bring friends who speak only your language, you can speak it in your clan/team/private messages :)

Got it. OK, so tell our readers why Rusty Wasteland is one of the best RUST servers around?

You are the best judge! Just take a peak and you will see :)
Our server will welcome you with helpful community, friendly staff, map creator and our own developer who creates custom plugins to make our server more special and fun. These you won't find anywhere else!
Are you bored of constantly being killed or your loot being stolen? You don't have to worry about that at our server, though watch out for any enemies in the wilderness! Beware the NPC's and don't enter the secret Area51! It might cost you your life!

Awesome. That sounds like a really friendly and enjoyable place to be, and definitely a place to bring your friends or to make new ones. I want to know what is in Area51 though... I guess I'll log in to find out!

The Area51 of Rusty Wasteland.

We're nearly at the end now, so do you have any stories you'd like to share that happened on your server?

In these first two years of our servers existence, there's been so much fun around! Actually... have you ever experienced wedding in a game? We've had at least two of them! How about team blue barrel climbing a tower of screams?
There is countless of stories which brought us a lot of giggles and it's hard to pick only one :)

Celebrating a wedding in Rusty Wasteland.

It's always really great to be part of player events in game, whether that's organising them, taking part in sieges, or helping to make a surprise gift for someone or attending an in game wedding. It's those kind of moments that you remember, and you remember the friends you played with and the people you met. Those kind of moments are important, and I hope Rusty Wasteland has many more of those to come.

Is there anything else you'd like to add that we didn't cover in the questions?

Probably just a big thank you to Tebex and their team for awesome service and a great platform to run a webshop on! We would recommend them to any other server owners with no hesitation :)

Thank you for the kind words, we really appreciate it and your loyalty to Tebex. We would like to thank Carol for taking the time to talk to us and for all of the players that play on Rusty Wasteland for making it such a cool place to be. I've been in your Discord for a couple of weeks and you all seem to be a lovely, friendly group of people, and I know you are in good hands with Carol at the helm.

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