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This blog post is part of a series on some of our amazing webstores. Giving readers insight into what it is like to run a game server, and letting our merchants tell their story as to how they got started in the world of server management. Last time, we checked out The Crafting Dead, one of our awesome servers for Minecraft.

About RUST.

RUST was released in 2013 and became an almost instant hit with players due to the brutal and often unforgiving gameplay. Developed and published by Facepunch Studios, the wonderfully harsh world of RUST will be coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 in 2020 (Tebex don't yet know if we will be able to support RUST on console, however, keep checking our blog for updates on this). Whilst the RUST universe continues to welcome new players to it's ranks with frequent numbers above 40,000 online according to Steam Charts, now is a great time to check out one of our popular RUST webstores and servers.

About Rustocalypse Gaming

In an effort to create the kind of server that players deserve and the kind of server that players want to come back to again and again, Rustocalypse Gaming was born. Founded by a group of gamers, and determined to build a server with the player at heart, Rustocalypse Gaming has designed a server with quality of life modifications to improve gameplay while keeping as close to vanilla RUST as possible.

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Rustocalypse Gaming has a team of moderators, custom mod developers and admins who keep the server running as smoothly as possible. One of the co-owners of Rustocalypse Gaming is Aviabel, who along with the team, keeps the server running and the players returning time and again.

Aviabel, more known as Avi, co-owner and admin on the Rustocalypse servers. Strong believer of giving people a good experience and I work hard to keep the toxicity down on our servers. My doors are always open.

Being able to provide a good player experience is the core behind a successful server, and whether that is through custom mods and plugins, events, competitions and giveaways, a feedback forum, or others, it all contributes to providing a successful and positive experience for those that are fortunate enough to play on your server.

A few of the customisations available.

Nearly all of the server owners that we have previously spoken to have agreed that running a server is hard work, despite the rewards that are earned (monetary, socially, emotionally etc). People who run a game server all find their way to server management in different ways, some do it for family such as EcoCityCraft, and some begin as a player and are inspired by other large networks, such as Edan's Community.

I started out as a player and basically never left! When asked to take over, I didnt need to think long and together with Moha, co-owner of Rustocalypse gaming we have been running this for more then a year now!

Whilst Aviabel has had a different route to server management, it shows that dedication as a player can really pay off in the long run in a different way than may be expected. Rustocalypse Gaming has become a fantastic server for players to spend their free time.


Whilst Rustocalypse Gaming continues to go from strength to strength, so to, does Aviabel and Moha. Striving to create a server that gives players a place to call home, not only has Rustocalypse Gaming kept the player at the heart of every move and decision that has been made, they have also made a conscious effort to be careful about the items sold on their server, to ensure items are fair and balanced and don't provide excessive advantage.

Aviabel has 3 simple rules when it comes to managing a server and the challenges that come with it.

Patience. Dedication. Activity.

Three simple rules that have provided an excellent base for the Rustocalypse Gaming community to flourish and prosper. Aviabel and Moha have worked hard to provide a welcoming server for all players to enjoy and spend their time. Whilst it is common knowledge that managing a server is hard work, you wouldn't know it by how smoothly Rustocalypse Gaming is operated by the dedicated team.

Running a server is not just about starting it up and then you're done. You need to give it your all. You will make mistakes and players will tell you. Once in a while you get to hear you are doing something good. Those are the days it all makes it worth putting the time and dedication into it!


The Rustocalypse Gaming playerbase is diverse and populated from players all over the world who have come together (or against each other) to play one of the recent years most popular games. RUST has continued to have high levels of popularity through all kinds of servers, modded or not. The diverse community in Rustocalypse is one of the main strengths behind the server.

We are a server for all, as long as you can respect the community and its players. We use English as our main language but offer private messages ingame to speak in your own language.

Diversity in language and acceptance amongst new and veteran players alike is one of the reasons that Rustocalypse is a pleasure to play on. All kinds of players are welcome here, and if any players are looking for somewhere new to call home, Rustocalypse Gaming might just be the next and final destination for you.


Continuing from strength to strength is due in large part to the helpful, and loyal team behind and in front of the scenes. Listening to the feedback of the playerbase is one of the values that the team behind Rustocalypse Gaming stand by and, Aviabel is always ready and willing to listen to the concerns of the players, whether the concerns are big or small, every issue will be listened to.

One of the things we get to hear often is how balanced the servers are, how dedicated the team is and how players like to come back as we always do our best to improve.

The players know a good thing when they see it, and this is why they return to stay on the Rustocalypse servers. With a Discord of over 1300 members, the team have grown with their playerbase and deserve praise for their continued dedication and loyalty.


Rustocalypse Gaming is one of the many stores that Tebex supports that strive to raise money for charity. Through the store that Aviabel and Moha maintain, they have been able to raise money for wonderful causes that deserve a lot more support. Tebex is extremely proud of the many stores that have been working to raise funds for charitable causes, and we hope that the trend continues.

One of the things thats memorable is raising money for charity, We like to support Cybersmile.org, a organisation against cyberbullying and together with the community we raised 100gbp! The store played a big part in this. Setting up community goals and having special packages is super easy with the store. In matter of fact, we are currently raising money for a new charity: Pencils of Promise.

Pencils of Promise is a charity that aims to help underprivileged children access to education by building schools funded by donations. If you'd like to donate to Pencils of Promise or Cybersmile.org, please use the links provided.

Tebex are very appreciative of the time taken by Aviabel to talk to us. Rustocalypse Gaming makes a difference to the players who play on your servers, and to the charitable causes that you champion, and we hope your server continues for a long time to come!

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