Featured Webstore: Edan's Community


This week we will be taking a look at the CS:GO webstore Edan's Community.

This blog post is part of a new and upcoming weekly series on our webstores. We think this is a great way for our readers to learn a little more about some of the servers that they could play on, or maybe even help them decide if they want to run their own webstore themselves.

About CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, most commonly known as CS:GO is an incredibly popular game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, and published by Valve. You can find CS:GO on Steam here. At the time of writing, there are more than 3.4 million reviews, with more than 155,000 of those being made recently. Despite being released in 2012, CS:GO has endured the tests of time fantastically with a loyal fanbase still actively playing. With CS:GO consistently topping more than 300,000 players playing online on Steam, this is still a well loved and free game to play. According to the CS:GO blog, there was over 18 million unique players last month!

About Edan's Community.

Edan's Community was founded in July of 2016 striving to create a fair and fun community for a multitude of gamemodes on CS:GO.
Edan's Community, also known as edan.gg or edan.pw (our domain names), had shifted their goals in late 2018 to be the top quality at yet high scale, in other means, Quality + Quantity.
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Edan's Community Website

It can be very easy as a player to simply log onto a server and not think about the people who are running everything in the background. CS:GO is consistently one of the top games played on Steam, and if you are one of the many players who like to play this server, maybe you'd like to know a little more about the person behind it all. Or maybe you're thinking of starting your own server and you're just having a look around. Either way, lets speak to the person behind this busy server.

I’m Edan, the Founder and Project Manager of Edan’s Community (or edan.gg for short). We proudly operate the largest CS:GO game server network to hundreds of thousands of players worldwide!

**Nice to meet you Edan! The largest CS:GO network? That's incredible. And I'm sure it has been quite a journey to get to where you have today. CS:GO is an enduring game, (I know it was only released in 2012, but in the gaming industry that can sometimes feel like like an age!) and it still has so many players coming and going, and staying and nerdraging (I'm not guilty of this).

It's quite a big decision to begin a game server for other people to play. You have to look at renting a hosted server, getting admins, getting rules established, getting advertising done if you choose to do any. We have an article in Buycraft University as a short guide on increasing your playerbase. You have loads of servers in your network, so theres lots of choices for players but I bet that also means a lot more work for you. What made you decide to run a game server?

Large inspirations from the server owners who provided the fun for me when I was younger on Minecraft! Circa 2011-2014.

Minecraft has certainly inspired a lot of people, it is one of the giants of gaming today and has been since about 2009 with no signs of stopping. It is currently the second biggest selling PC game of all time, and Minecraft webstores are incredibly popular amongst our merchants. (Check out our supported games here.) As Edan's Community is a very successful server and webstore, what advice would you give someone just starting out with running a game server?

Simplicity is key. No one wants to play an unorganized game server.

That's true. It looks like you have lots of staff members on hand to help your players and you have rules in place to make sure everyone is on the same page, I bet that helps when you run a large network like this. This is one of the aspects of running a server that is part of one of our articles on growing your server into a community. I wonder do you find it rewarding running a game server? Do you enjoy providing a fun place for your players to spend their time?

It’s amazing, and I love what I do. The possibility of making a living off of building communities and game server networks for the gaming community truly inspires me so much.

That's so great to hear. We know that being able to make a living from something that you really enjoy can be hard for a lot of people to achieve, but we're glad that Tebex has helped you with this, that's wonderful! For many people, the cost of running a server can be a big barrier and this can also mean that they simply don't try, or don't continue for very long. The Tebex (also known as Buycraft) plugin, enables server monetization. Which means many server owners can now recoup the costs of running their community, and many also earn profits from running their game server.

Some of the players and team on Edan's Community servers.

You have loads of different kinds of servers, and that's awesome, but who are your servers aimed at? Some servers are only aimed at mature players, or roleplay, or anything else.

We support all kinds of players, but we are known for being very casual! And English speaking only.

Edan's Community is a large network of servers, and you seem popular! Tell everyone why you are one of the best servers out there...

We have the largest quantity and highest quality out there for CS:GO. All of our traffic builds our community as a whole for tons of players.

So one of the last things we'll ask you about is if you have any fun stories or heartwarming memories from running your server?

Knowing that i’ve created so many online relationships in it self is quite amazing. But recently I’ve discovered these have extended to in real life relationships!

That's amazing! We'd like to thank Edan for chatting to us, it's been great hearing what you have to say about running your webstore and server network. Edan's Community recently supported #TeamTrees which is an organisation aiming to plant 20 million trees around the globe by January 1st, 2020.

At Tebex we offer a free plan to help growing servers get started, if you'd like to read some more about our plans then take a look here. Want your webstore to be featured on the blog? Contact Tebex support to find out how.