Featured Webstore: Ausveda

Image courtesy of FacePunch Studios Presskit

This week we are pleased to be introducing our readers to AusVeda. One of the RUST servers that Tebex proudly supports.

This blog post is part of our new and weekly series on our webstores. We think this is a great way for our readers to learn a little more about some of the servers that we support, or maybe even help you decide if you want to monetize your own server. Last week, we looked at another one of our RUST webstores, Rusty Wasteland PVE, you can check out our post here.

About RUST.

RUST was released in 2013 and became an almost instant hit with players due to the brutal and often unforgiving gameplay. Developed and published by Facepunch Studios, the wonderfully harsh world of RUST will be coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 in 2020 (Tebex don't yet know if we will be able to support RUST on console, however, keep checking our blog for updates on this). Whilst the RUST universe continues to welcome new players to it's ranks with frequent numbers above 40,000 online according to Steam Charts, now is a great time to check out one of our popular RUST webstores and servers.

About AusVeda.

AusVeda is a popular network of RUST servers, which has a large playerbase. At the time of writing, AusVeda's website states that a huge 57,000 unique players have been on their servers. A Steam group of more than 4100 members and a busy and active Discord show that this network is definitely popular amongst RUST players. The website is simple and clean, but stylish and boasts a live chat for players to get help for anything to do with the servers. You can check out AusVeda with the following links:

AusVeda Discord
AusVeda Webstore
AusVeda Website
AusVeda Steam Group
AusVeda Server List

What's going on here? Maybe you should log onto AusVeda's servers and find out.

So, there's a little bit about AusVeda, but let's see if we can get to know a bit more about the server owner and what it's like to run this network. Let's meet the server owner:

G’day, I go by the name Capone & I’m the nicest Aussie you’ve ever met. I have been running AusVeda coming up on 5 years in December!

Hi Capone! Thank you for taking the time to tell our readers what it's like to run a webstore and server network. We definitely appreciate the time taken out of your day. 5 years is a great achievement, well done on making AusVeda into a success story, I wonder how did you begin? What made you decide to run a server?

To be completely honest, it wasn’t meant to turn into what it is today. I was 14 when I made a Rust server for my friends & I, and we would just mess around with spawning C4 & guns. Give it a couple of weeks and the server has started gaining random players, which was a complete shock. Essentially, gaming with my high school mates is what started AusVeda and what it’s known for today.

That's very cool. Honestly, many great things happen when you don't plan for it, it sounds like this is what happened with AusVeda. It's always the best to play with mates! Knowing what you know now, 5 years down the line, would you have any advice to give to any of our readers who are considering running their own server?

I would say, try to be unique where you can; but there’s nothing wrong with jumping on a server and getting some ideas, and just put a little twist on them, so they’re your own.

Ah, very true. Many times it is easy to spot where one or two improvements could be made here and there with anything, and that is how some great inventions and life changing things have come from. Of course, playing on other servers to see what you enjoy, what you would change, possibly what you would monetize, what you would definitely avoid are great things to see.

A little info on AusVeda.

After 5 years of running your server, you must have gone through some challenges as well as some really epic times, as well as tough times. With that being said, do you find it rewarding to run a server?

It’s very rewarding. I personally love jumping on and flying around invisible and just seeing the player base that I have is such a great feeling. Seeing what I’ve built from the ground up being played by so many people, it really is amazing. Hearing server feedback from players is also something I encourage and is much appreciated to know what the community thinks of what I’ve made & what I’m providing them & their mates to have fun on.

That definitely sounds like something I would do as well. When you run a server, or a guild/clan/or network, getting feedback from the playerbase is one of the most important things. If you aren't aware there is a problem, how can you fix it? This is one of the reasons why at Tebex as well, we really encourage feedback on what we can improve upon, what we can implement, bug reporting etc. I imagine it is very similar for you Capone!

Image courtesy of Facepunch Studios Presskit

Some of our readers may be looking for a server to play on, so, thinking of them, tell us a little about what kind of player your AusVeda is for. Are you for mature players? Experienced? Noob-friendly? etc. Also, what languages are your players allowed to speak?

Being on the game Rust, I’d say AusVeda is more for mature players & new players. As our server is a battlefield server, people can jump on our server to get better at the game & verse some of the best PVPers in Australia.
Being based in Australia, the server is an English speaking server.

Awesome. So if you're reading this now and looking for a RUST server to try out, maybe you should give AusVeda a try! OK, Capone, now we know who your server is for, tell our readers why your server is one of the best? Why should readers log on to an AusVeda server?

I’d say AusVeda has such a great name as it’s been in the Rust space since legacy (2014) & has really dominated new Rust and has consistently had a fairly decent population and hasn’t ever “died”. AusVeda is home to Australia’s #1 battlefield server & provides a fun atmosphere for players to enjoy.

That sounds like a cool place to hang out in and a place to make some new friends, as well as enemies I'm sure! OK, nearly finished, just one last thing. In your 5 years of running a server network I bet you have had some memorable moments, can you share any with us?

Whilst running AusVeda, I’ve met many amazing people, including some friends I now consider really good mates. Funnily enough, once upon a time a player came to Discord for help. I liked him, picked him up as a staff member, he later advanced to the server manager & now we’re best mates IRL. It’s amazing what opportunities owning a community can present.

As I once told a very good friend of mine "Some good things do come from video games." coincidently, I also met him in a game (World of Warcraft to be precise) so I know exactly how that feels Capone. I know many readers will have experienced friendships in the games that they play, some shortlived and some long lasting, and it's important to make sure you really value and treasure the friendships you make because who knows what's around the corner. When you run a community opportunities can present itself that you really never imagined, looking back AusVeda began just for fun, and now of course, AusVeda is a popular network that Tebex is proud to support.

Tebex would like to thank Capone for taking the time to chat to us and for being one of our valued customers, we're very happy you are with us and wish you every success with your server network.

If you would like to begin running your own webstore, you can check out our pricing here. We recommend new and small servers begin with the free Starter plan. If you already run a webstore, and you'd like to discuss having your webstore featured on the blog, please contact Tebex support here, we would love to hear from you.