Feature Spotlight: Team account permissions

Today we're releasing some changes to the team account permissions which provides for more granularity in what you can allow your team members to do on your webstore.

Payments lookup

You can now give your mods or admins the ability to look up the details of a payment without giving them access to the full set of features available on the main payments page. This is mostly intended for team members who only need to check the status of a payment and it's details like commands for example. If you choose this option it will allow your team accounts to view a new page 'Payments Lookup' in the control panel.


To enable this you need to allow the team account to view "Payments - single payment lookup only", if you enable the permission to do anything on the "Payments" permission this will override it.

Gift cards

We have added a permission for creating Gift cards and separated this from the Discounts permission. This means that if a team account had the Discount permission then this will be inherited and the same team members will have access to the new Gift cards permission unless you choose to change it otherwise.

Community goals

Community goals are also now on their own permission and once again the permission that allows this for existing team members will be inherited from the old Packages permission. If your team accounts had the Packages permission they will now also have the Community goals permission unless you choose to change it.


As always if you have any feedback or new suggestions you can get in touch on Twitter or by emailing us on support@buycraft.net