Feature Spotlight: Team account 2FA, Order status tracker and Sale statistics

We've had a busy week cleaning up bugs and adding features so we thought we'd give you a bit more information on the headliners. If you want to see what else we've been up to you can check it out on our changelog.

Required 2FA on Team accounts

Security is something which we feel very strongly about at Buycraft and so we're happy to announce that we're taking part in world password day, promoting security.

Over the past year, we've had over 150 cases of user's accounts being compromised as a result of weak passwords or using the same passwords as another compromised service. Those are of course just the ones that have realised and have contacted us.

We also know that a very small amount of our active users enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on their accounts, so we'll be looking at other ways we can make this more appealing as well.

For even more security, on top of adding 2FA to your own account, we now have an option which will stop your team members from performing any action on your webstore without setting up 2FA on their login. This is so important for keeping your store and data safe!

To enable this feature, turn it on from the Team accounts page in your control panel.

Order status checker

Players can now check their order history on your webstore from "example.buycraft.net**/status**" on your webstore, this will help you cut down on requests for information about your server. A player can enter their username and another identifying piece of information, Transaction ID, Email address or Purchase value.


Once they have entered their information they will be able to view the status of the commands date and order price.


These pages can be completely styled by the template editor under "orderstatus.html" but are not automatically linked to from anywhere on your store. If you would like to make this directly accessible on your webstore you would need to add a link somewhere on your webstore in your homepage description or on a CMS page.

If you don't want this enabled then you can disable this feature from the "Settings > Webstore" page.


You can find an example of how this feature works on your webstore HERE.

Sales statistics

We also released a sales statistics page under "Statistics > Sales" which aims to shine a bit more light on the efficiency of a sales on your store. It should also give a bit more insight into how you can use them strategically in line with events.

To get the best results from these stats it's best to create a new sale each time you would like to run a discount.



We love to hear your feedback so if you have any suggestions on features or improvements to existing features just let us know on Twitter or by email support@buycraft.net.