Feature Spotlight: Player checks for fraud protection

With our experience in the gaming space, we know that fraud is a big issue for many merchants. A big chunk of this comes from players who have no reason to buy from your store - users who have never played on your server, or someone pretending to be another player, but with an IP that clearly doesn't match. We're always bouncing ideas around the office about ways to offer more protection against fraud for our Merchants, and we've come up with an idea that we're very excited about.

Introducing Player Checks

Player checks allow you to verify that a player has visited your server, and optionally, confirm that they are using the same IP address as they used to access your server. By checking the player is active on your server you can combat fraud coming from fake accounts or from one player trying to get another blocked.

We support player checks using data from Statscraft, expanding on the integration between the two datasets. Servers with an existing Statscraft account can start using their historical data straight away. New servers can sign up with Statscraft on any plan and start using collected data to protect their webstore.

You can customise the player checks to match playing patterns on your server by controlling what period of time to confirm logins for and enable or disable IP checks. For more information on setting up and configuring Player checks, visit our you can find our guide here.

Always Combating Fraud

We're proud of our industry-leading fraud protection, however, there is always more we can do. We have released a number of improvements to our fraud protection in recent months and we have a suite of algorithmic checks we are currently working on - keep an eye out for updates here on the blog. As always, we'd love to hear your suggestions for how we can improve our fraud protection - send your suggestions and ideas to support@buycraft.net.