Feature Spotlight: Payment Gateways

At Buycraft, we are very lucky that we regularly get feedback and feature requests from our customers. One of the things that we get most often are requests for new payment gateways, and we're delighted to announce the release of two of the most often-requested gateways: Mollie and G2A Pay.

Both of these gateways offer multiple payment methods, not just PayPal, Credit/Debit card etc, but also Paysafecard, iDeal, and other region-specific payment methods, allowing you to reach a wider market than ever before.


For both G2A and Mollie, you will need to sign up for a merchant account with the provider - this may include offering proof of address etc. Once you've signed up, you will be able to add the gateway within your control panel. For more detail on setting these gateways up, click here for Mollie, and here for G2A Pay

Reach a bigger audience

One of the great things about some of these gateways is their ability to offer payment methods that are more popular in different parts of the world. For example, did you know that credit/debit cards only make up 13% of the online payments market in the Netherlands? By offering payment methods that are more common to that region (for example, iDeal), you can reach a much bigger customer base.

What next?

We are always working on new features for Buycraft and are in the process of expanding our team to allow us to build bigger and better features going forward. If you have an idea of something that you'd like to see on Buycraft, then please let us know.