Feature Spotlight: Package imports

You may have noticed a few changes to the control panel in the past few days, such as the addition of ID’s to the Packages, Categories, Servers and Community goals. These changes were in preparation for today’s feature, Package imports.

With this feature, you can import and update packages in bulk from a CSV import, allowing you to manage your content more efficiently and on a much bigger scale on your webstore.


There are some required fields for the import that make up some of the basics for creating a package, so if you would like to test it out you can use one of our basic templates found in the documentation. Using the basic options, you can add a list of packages as templates for later editing once they have been added to the control panel. However, we also have some optional fields selected from the most used package features which should give you more flexibility when creating in bulk.

We have a full article on the documentation for the importing process so make sure to read it through thoroughly before updating or adding packages: How to import packages

As always this feature has been tested before release but if you spot any bugs which have slipped through or have any feedback for us, you can let us know on support@buycraft.net!