Feature Spotlight: New evolution of player gifting

A little while ago we released a new gifting feature on Buycraft. This allowed players to buy a package, but automatically give it to another player in-game. This was a well-received feature with some top stores making use of it and we're delighted that its use has grown over time.

However, the feature wasn't without its weaknesses. As the gifting took place at checkout, it meant that some packages could not be gifted (for example, a package that a player could only buy once), and there were limitations with cumulative packages. Thanks to some fantastic feedback from our merchant community, we're pleased to announce a new gifting process that addresses these issues and provides a much-improved experience for the player.

The new gifting process allows the player to specify the gift recipient before they add it to the cart. This allows them to take advantage of any cumulative discounts, allows us to do any requirements checks (required packages, package limits etc), and allows a player to buy the package as a gift for someone, even if they can't buy it for themselves:

The new gifting flow is automatically enabled on the 'Flat' template - stores using the flat template can enable gifting and start using the new process straight away.

If you are using a custom template then you will need to make some changes before you can use the new gifting flow. To find out about the required changes, click here. In the meantime, the old gifting flow is still supported, so your players can continue to gift at the checkout step until these changes have been made.

Continual Improvement

While we love being able to bring new features to our merchants, we also challenge ourselves to ensure that the Buycraft platform is a little better every day. If there is a feature that you use but that you would find more useful or easier to use with some changes, then please let us know!