Feature Spotlight: Improved payment filters and Hidden categories

On Friday we released two new features which we hope will improve you and your player's experience while using the store and control panel.

Payment search

We now have the ability to search for payments using multiple filters. You can add filters to narrow down your search by all of our existing filters including username, transaction ID, gateway and many more.


Hidden categories

Categories can now be selectively shown to players based on their purchase history on your webstore. You can set a category to be hidden unless they have purchased a package or packages on your webstore from the category edit page in the control panel.

Once a player has purchased one of the selected packages the webstore will display the category for that player. You can use this feature for package exclusives or hiding rank upgrade categories from the main store.


As always if you have any feedback or new suggestions you can get in touch via Twitter or by emailing us on support@buycraft.net.