Feature Spotlight: Custom payment integrations

At Buycraft, we are proud to support the widest range of payment solutions in the industry. There are always going to be platforms however that we cannot support directly for a variety of reasons. With that in mind, we are delighted to spotlight a new feature that allows store owners a solution to accept payments in alternative methods that we might not be able to support naively (such as bank transfers, other local gateways etc.) - the Manual Payment Gateway.

What is it?

The Manual Payment Gateway is a new gateway that you can enable on your webstore. Rather than redirecting the customer to a gateway, it provides the customer with instructions on how to complete payment. This could include a link to an external gateway, or a form etc. At the same, a pending payment will be created on your webstore - no commands will be executed at this point.


Once the payment is made, you can make the payment as completed either via your control panel or the new API. At this point, commands will be executed just like on any other successful payment. You can even use the API to mark a payment as chargeback or refund, and the same logic will be followed (commands etc) as receiving a chargeback through one of our standard gateways.

To get started, checkout out our help article.

Other gateways?

Just because we are allowing our merchants to support external payment methods, that doesn't mean we won't be adding new integrations - we are in the process of building a direct Paysafecard integration and looking into possible solutions for supporting cryptocurrencies, so look out for those. If there is a gateway that you'd like to see Buycraft supporting, we'd love to hear from you.