Feature Spotlight: Community Goals

Over the past few weeks we have made a commitment to introduce some new, often asked for features to Buycraft. For this week's feature we are pleased to announce the release of the community goals to all our customers.

This is something that has been asked for by many of our users and will allow you to set community fundraising targets to activate features on your servers.

How it works

  • Store owners can define a community goal with a target and set the commands that will get run once the target is met.
  • Community goals can either be one time (so the commands are executed once the goal is met and that's it), or repeatable (the commands are executed, then the target goes back to 0 to be achieved again).
  • Packages in your webstore can then be set to contribute to a community goal - this could be in addition to a package issuing its own benefits, or it could be a standalone package that only contributes to the community goal.
  • To advertise your community goal and allow your players to track its progress you can add a community goal module to your store to show progress.
  • When a user buys a qualifying package from your store, the value of those purchases will be added to the community goal. Once the goal is 100% funded the commands will be sent to your server in the same way we do for package purchases.

Please Note: The community goal module uses a new template layout. This layout has been added to every custom template and has been built to be compatible with both 'flat' and 'classic' templates, but you may wish to modify it to suit your own needs.

Make community goals work for you

Community goals add a new dimension to Minecraft payments. By providing a benefit that is global to the server it makes EULA compliance much easier and offers a new route to monetise your server. What about setting a community goal instead of money off during your next promotion, giving your customers more value for their money?

Making your experience better

Most of our latest features are the direct result of feature requests coming from our customers. If you have an idea for a feature please let us know by using the 'feature request' option in your Buycraft account.