Feature Spotlight: CMS pages

Today we have released a few new features including CMS pages which allow you to create your own custom page or pages on your webstore.

There are many different uses for this feature including a contact details page, the ability to have your terms and conditions available on a separate page or even support FAQ's. This feature is also not limited by plan, you can create and organise as many pages as you need on your webstore.


You can find out how and where to set them up from our set up guide.

Custom templates

For new and default templates the CMS pages will work correctly but if you are using a custom template you will need to make sure that you add the following to your "layout.html" page after the category loop:

{% for page in store.pages %}
    <li class="{% if page.active %}active{% endif %}"><a href="/{{ page.slug }}">{{ page.title }}</a></li>
{% endfor %}

As always if you have any suggestions or feedback about the features we're releasing or working on you can get in touch on our Twitter or by emailing us on support@buycraft.net.