Feature Spotlight: Gateway specific packages and the Braintree gateway

We have been working on some highly requested new features over the past few days, the ability to lock down packages per gateway and a new gateway, Braintree.

Gateway specific packages

It is now possible to limit packages by a gateway. This gives you much more control over which packages your players can purchase. The default is set to all gateways but you can find the option on every package edit page, where you can set the package to be purchased only via one or multiple gateways from your list of active gateways.

Braintree gateway

Late last week we were able to complete a new gateway integration for Buycraft called Braintree. Braintree is a PayPal company and accepts most major cards and Paypal payments. It also has great fraud protection which you can customise to your liking.

The integration shown below is in your checkout flow after choosing the Braintree gateway and will bring up the details for the payment methods.


These changes have been automatically added to all the default templates on both Flat and Classic but to support this on your custom template you will need to add a few to support this gateway. You can find the details for these changes in our Braintree setup guide.

If you have any other suggestions for Buycraft you can always let us know on support@buycraft.net or Twitter @buycraft.