Feature Spotlight: Better Control Over Chargeback Bans

For many of our customers, one of the strengths of the Buycraft platform is our fraud protection. Our global banning system has been key in protecting all our merchants from large amounts of potential fraud. While this is one of our strengths, we know we can also continue to innovate and improve, so today we are delighted to release two new features to give you greater control over your chargeback bans:

Time-Limited Chargeback Rates

We've all seen it - a player charged back 3 years ago, and that is still haunting them now when trying to support Minecraft servers. Odds are they have learned how serious chargebacks are since then and wouldn't make the same mistake now. Our new time-limited chargeback setting allows you to take this into consideration by restricting the time frame in which to consider payments when calculating the chargeback rate. This can be set to six months, one year, two years, or be left at 'all time' to still look at all payments. By restricting this time-frame, Buycraft will only look at payments (both completed and chargebacks) that took place within that timeframe when calculating the chargeback rate for you, allowing you to give players a 'second chance' for long-ago misdemeanours.

Chargeback Value Bypass

With our years of experience and expertise, it's become clear that not all types of chargebacks are equal. Sometimes a chargeback might be considered lower-risk than another one, which isn't something that has previously been taken into consideration in our chargeback rates.

With this new feature, you can now chose to ignore chargebacks that represent a small proportion of a players total purchases. For example, imagine a player has 9 completed purchases with no issues at all worth $199 - they are clearly a reliable customer. If however they had one payment that was charged back worth $1, their chargeback rate would now be 10% - enough on many webstores to be banned, even though they have almost $200 worth of 'good' payments. With chargeback value bypass, you can set a lower limit where if the value of chargeback purchases is below a set percentage, you will allow the checkout to proceed. In this example, their chargeback value rate is just 0.5% of their total purchase value, so you may decide that's a low-enough risk to allow the checkout to continue.

More Fraud Protection Features Coming Soon!

We are always looking to innovate and improve your experience as a merchant. We have a number of new fraud protection features that we are working and will be releasing soon - watch our blog and Twitter feeds for news on those. We also want to know about any fraud issues you may experience, to see if we can help prevent those types of fraud in future. If you want to give us feedback, then please get in touch.