Feature Spotlight: All the webhooks!

One of the things we are aiming to do at Buycraft is to provide ways for you to use the platform in the way that works best for you. Our new coupon API was the first of these, and now we're pleased to announce more options: username verification webhook (Ultimate/Enterprise) and payment webhooks (Enterprise). With these options, we hope you'll find new and interesting ways to integrate the Buycraft platform with your community.

Username verification webhook

Username verification allows you to create a webhook based on the criteria which you chose. When a user tries to log in by entering their username we will send a request to the webhook you've specified, and based on the response you return we will allow the user to log in or return an error as chosen by you.

Because you control the verification webhook, the rules you create or the actions that are taken are entirely up to you - some useful examples might be:

  • Check the username has logged into your server in the past day/week/month.
  • Check the username is registered against an account on your forum.
  • Store the submitted usernames for analytics.
  • Or your own custom solutions.

To find out more about setting up the user verification webhook, see our set up guide for more information.

Payment notification webhook

Similar to how you get an IPN from PayPal, the payment notification webhook can be used to record and perform actions when a payment is received or has a change of status. This could be used to record payments in your accounting software or perform actions outside of your server. For example adding a badge to the user's forum account or adding the user to a mailing list.

As with the username verification webhook you are in control of what your webhook does and how it works, allowing you almost limitless flexibility in how you handle incoming payments.

To find out more about the data provided by the webhook and how to start receiving payment notifications, check out our set up guide.

Building better communities

We hope that these new features will help you to add new value to your communities in different ways. As well as our spotlight features we are continuously releasing smaller features as well - when you log into your Control Panel you can check out the changelog under "Profile > Changelog" to see what else we've been up to. As always, we value your feedback, so if you have an idea for a feature that you'd love to see, please let us know.

If you'd like to find out more about the payment notification webhook or any of our other Enterprise features including developer support for building your webhooks, please get in touch on enterprise@buycraft.net