Feature Spotlight: Abandoned Basket Recovery

Here at Buycraft, we are always looking for new ways for server owners to maximise their sales through new features and improvements. While researching various ideas, we discovered that lots of merchants are missing out on potential sales as a result of abandoned baskets - and the worst thing about it is that you probably don't know about it.

An abandoned basket happens when your customer visits your store, adds an item to the basket, starts the checkout process... and then leaves. Perhaps they get distracted by something in-game, or perhaps they need to go and find their PayPal login, but either way, they've not paid you. Maybe they'll come back and complete the purchase later, but more often than not they don't.

In some situations there is nothing we can do, if we don't have their email address then we have no way to contact them - but if you have already asked for their email address before they leave as part of the checkout process, then we have a way to identify them. In the past week alone, there have been almost 7,000 baskets worth over 140,000 USD where the user has provided an email address but hasn't completed checkout.

As an answer to this, we are pleased to announce a new Enterprise feature - Abandoned basket recovery. This feature allows you to configure a follow-up email to be sent after the basket was abandoned. This can include the generation of a single use coupon code to entice them back, and the contents of the email can be modified using the template editor. We've also added a statistics panel which will show you how many customers you have been able to convert using this feature.

This is a brand new feature, so we're anticipating making changes based on your feedback - some of the things we're already considering are:

  • Allowing server owners to reach out by providing the IGN of abandoned baskets
  • As an email address is needed for this to work, making it easier for webstores to require the customer's email address while not asking for their full address details
  • If you have any ideas on how we could improve this, please let us know!

Buycraft Enterprise

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