Feature Spotlight: AB Testing and Manual Payment API

Today we're excited to release two major features which we've been working on this week.

Package AB testing

As any experienced store owner knows there are a lot of improvements which you can make to your store and often it can be the smallest things that make the biggest difference. We wanted to develop some tools to help with your experimentation and help you make the most out of your store, so we’re glad to introduce package AB testing.

AB testing allows you to create two variants of a package on your webstore, such as a cheaper and more expensive alternative. Players who log in to your store will be shown one variant of the package, which enables you to see if making a change to your package increases or decreases purchases.

Then in your statistics, you will be able to find details of the number of views and number of purchases each package has had along with the conversion rate for each variant.

Larger servers on the Enterprise plan can now make use of this feature from today, and all the details about setting up an AB test can be found in our setup guide.

Manual payments API

All customers now have a new endpoint available via our API which allows you to create a manual payment programically. This means that you can now trigger payment creation for a package when a player signs up to your forums or votes on a server list for example. You can find the full documentation for this in our API documentation.