Feature Spotlight: Coupon statistics and PayGol update

We've been working on some more improvements and features on Buycraft and this week we have some new statistics and translations as well as an important update to the way the PayGol gateway works.

PayGol gateway updates

A few days ago PayGol notified us that they were changing the way security worked for their IPN platform. Previously IPNs would come from a known set of IP addresses but this is now changing and they have added a new Secret Key which will be sent as part of the IPN.

In order to update to the new IPN format, all customers using PayGol will need to change the payment gateway settings in Buycraft to include this new field. You can find more information for setting up this gateway by checking out our set up guide.

PayGol set up guide

It is critical that you make this change as soon as possible, as PayGol has indicated that the IP addresses which we're currently validating could be changed at any time. This would mean that our fallback of checking against an IP could result in IPNs not being accepted and payments not reaching your Buycraft account.

Once you have provided your secret key, we will no longer try to validate against the IP address, and all security checks will be done from your secret key instead. This also has the benefit of making your payments more secure in the long run.

Coupon statistics

We have released a new way of measuring coupon discounts on your store. You can now view the number of purchases made with coupons and the total revenue generated in a specific time period.


You can start using this feature on your webstore by going to "Statistics > Coupons".

More features...

We're currently working on some more features, including full webstore translations and the ability to upload your own custom translations. More than half of the languages are completed from our list and are awaiting approval. If your language isn't completed yet you always help out on our project here.

As always thank you for the suggestions, keep them coming! You can suggest them via our support@buycraft.net email or on our Twitter @Buycraft.