Buycraft University: Increasing your player base

This week we’ve been in touch with Niraj from SaiCoPvP and InPvP, and have been discussing advertising, community and how to increase your player base.

One of the most obvious places to advertise for new players is on server lists and this can be a great way of getting your name out there. Spending time on your voting system or splashing out on a sponsored spot can start to bring in new players. However, SaiCoPvP chooses not to engage in that type of advertisement and here's why: different types of marketing grow the player base in different ways and will bring in different types of players.

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful types of marketing, as possible new players not only get the recommendation, they get it from a friend or trusted source. This carries huge weight with the new players and also make it more likely to attract players who are interested in the same content. Word of mouth also doesn’t have to be just between players, it can also be between an influencer (YouTuber/Streamer) and their audience. This still carries the weight of word of mouth, but can also spread the word faster and to a wider audience.

If you choose to go down the route of using an influencer and want to make the most of it, then it may be worth partnering with someone for the long run. The reason this might be a better idea is that while one-off videos or streams can boost your player counts in the short term, the effects only last so long, so it can be better to have regular video content from the same source.

In terms of making the most out of the influencer's content, coupling their video content with your server content can work really well. As we spoke about in our How to improve player retention article, new content is something which really drives players to return again and again, but it is also your prime advertising material for new players.

For example, if you are releasing of a new piece of content like a game mode or levelling system, then there can be learning barriers for the players to overcome. However, if their favourite YouTuber has already posted a video about the new game mode, then those players already have an understanding of how the game works and can dive right in. With regular content releases and video’s both being pushed out you can also use this content to advertise on your Twitter and other social media.

Content and community are the backbones of every server and your community is the source of your word of mouth advertising so it pays to take care of your players. Luckily servers are built community and people who are passionate about the server can be elevated to the role of moderator/manager.

With SaiCoPvP, most, if not all of their moderators and permanent staff started off as players and have become an integral part of the server. They plan events, manage player bans, field questions and interact with players. They are also involved in the development of the server in terms of testing, planning and directing improvements. This type of involvement of the community gives you constant feedback and even a direction for your next piece of content. Players that are taken care of by the community will be the ones who will act as ambassadors for your server.

The branding of your server is also a great way of finding different avenues to add to your server’s content. Branding can act as a framework on which you build new content and it also adds another layer to the player’s experience. Many of the updates on SaiCoPvP are inspired by the server’s lore and add to the basic factions experience with which most players are familiar.

Other places you can draw on for content that tie into advertising are the trends of the most popular and most played new game modes by other Youtubers and Streamers. If there is a new craze for a new game then don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon so long as you are adding you own spin to the new content.

The area’s we’ve covered so far are definitely not the only ways to get new players on board but the elements of community, content, and influencers are universal across all servers. If you find something is not working, try until you find something that works for your community, it's all about experimentation.

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As always, happy experimenting!

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"SaiCoPvP (MCPC) & InPvP (MCPE) are run by SaiCoGaming. SaiCoPvP is a custom factions server where an Evil Overlord has take over realms, and you as a player, are recruited to the Warlock Guild. Work as a faction to win the map and become the best team on the realm. InPvP is an Minecraft PE Minigames network. InPvP Nova is our space station where you as an astronaut can explore different planets and experience different gamemodes on various new galaxies. From Skywars to BuildBattle, there's a lot to explore!"