Buycraft partial outages over Black Friday

Last night we had some issues with the site which we'd like to update everyone on.

We had very high amounts of traffic because of the Black Friday sales. This has given us some issues over the past few days which our team have been working on.

We've had to increase the server capacity because of the high amounts of traffic. We're going to leave the resources at those levels so that it limits issues over the weekend.

We're also looking into other changes so we can make sure it doesn’t happen again over other holidays.

Other changes we’ve had to make include limiting the exports and resend command features. Unfortunately, they were helping slow everything down across the Buycraft network. However, they will be back on Monday with some further improvements.

We'd like to apologise for the poor communication and let you know that our 24/7 team is always on call for fixing issues as soon as possible.