AWS Migration & PayPal Express Checkout

We're happy to announce that earlier today we completed our migration back to AWS. As we said in our previous article, we're confident that the infrastructure, expertise and support that we receive from AWS means that we can ensure the high availability and stability that our customers rightly demand.

Ongoing growth

We're delighted to be able to support and help grow some of the largest servers and communities in the Minecraft industry. The ongoing success of this is evident as we've been able to welcome a number of new partners to our Enterprise plan recently. This has allowed us to further invest in our infrastructure and be confident in our ability to restore the performance and uptime of the Buycraft platform back to our previous high standards.

Our all-new stack

We're pleased to be back on AWS using their fantastic auto-scaling features, along with their new Aurora database platform which has proven to be great at large read/write loads. We'll be monitoring everything closely over the next few weeks to ensure uptime is at its best, and as always we have our on-call staff available 24/7 if anything happens.

Continued improvements

As part of the migration today, we were able to deploy a number of new features that we've had in the pipeline for a while, in particular integrating PayPal Express Checkout. Express Checkout offers a better checkout flow for your customers and also includes improved fraud protection which will help lower chargebacks. To setup Express Checkout you will need to create the gateway via the Buycraft control panel as you normally would. If you need any further help in setting up Express Checkout, check out our help guide.

We have also released some other minor improvements today, focusing on improving the security of your account as well as a couple of regularly requested features from our customers:

  • Email notifications for changes to payment gateways on your webstore.
  • Email notifications for logins from unrecognised devices.
  • The ability to hide packages which are not assigned to that server on the in-game GUI.
  • Refund and chargeback commands no longer execute immediately on sales.
  • Variable identifiers now allow underscores.

Onwards and upwards

Everyone here at Buycraft is feeling a lot more confident about our new infrastructure and I'm personally looking forward to being able to help our customers reach new highs with their servers, safe in the knowledge that AWS have got our back. Finally, we've said it before but I just want to thank all our customers for sticking with us over the past few months and look forward to being here to help you with your future successes.