Announcing Our New Partnership with CFX Collective

Tebex is delighted to announce their latest partnership, with GTA V modding framework FiveM. With this partnership, Tebex and CFX Collective will be able to support the thriving community around FiveM and help it continue to grow.

FiveM is a modding and multiplayer project for GTA V, allowing the community to not only run multiplayer dedicated servers, but to also add brand new gameplay and exciting new features through it’s extensive modding capability. Tebex is proud to be able to help the FiveM server community grow in a way that is beneficial for both players and server owners.

Tebex, with over 10 years experience in helping server communities generate the revenue required to grow, is working closely with CFX Collective to integrate their industry-leading platform within the FiveM dedicated server, and will be available to beta users shortly. As part of this partnership, Tebex is making it easier than ever for server owners to get started - after a 2 minute sign-up process you can start accepting payments from players around the world with over 40 payment methods supported out of the box, and with all compliance, risk and fraud taken care of for you through our upcoming product, Tebex Checkout.

Tebex CEO Lee McNeil is proud to be at the forefront of supporting new games and communities with the Tebex platform:

"Modding has long been a core part of gaming. The modders in any gaming community keep games fresh and relevant, and keep players coming back for more, long after other games have run out of replay value. I’m  excited about the way these values are upheld with FiveM, and I’m  delighted to be able to support the growth of those server communities - especially with our new one-click setup payment gateway, Tebex Checkout."

CFX Collective know that their modification platform thrives purely because of the community behind it, and are looking forward to providing the support the community needs through their partnership with Tebex:

"By partnering with the Tebex platform, we aim to fulfill a common desire from server owners on the platforms and their player bases: to be able to provide premium services for their servers in a safe and regulated way, across most if not all areas with a regional player base of significance"

The initial beta is open to invited servers only, but more details on general availability will be announced soon. To find out more about FiveM, visit and

About Tebex: Tebex (previously Buycraft) is a monetisation platform for games which support community/dedicated servers. We work with modders, publishers and studios, providing a structured, managed process and simple setup process enabling gaming communities to generate revenue from their servers to pay for hardware, staff and continued development using a professional platform that benefits players, server owners, studios and publishers.